TSK Products is a 20 year old minority, woman-owned, family run business. Started in April 2000 we began as a supplier of everything bariatric, including specialty, hard-to-find products. Bariatric patients are “no lift” patients and, as such, staff and patient safety and comfort are paramount. Safety and comfort has always been our guiding principle, and number one priority, whenever we look to bring new products to market.

From 2000 – 2008, while at trade shows, TSK PRODUCTS ran across quite a number of smaller (and many family owned) companies offering unique medical products. They would often turn to us for help in distribution and sales. We took on a product only after confirmation of our priority guideline for safety and comfort, both for patients and staff.


Over the years we have offered a number of products that range from treatment recliners, specialty furniture, patient lifts, a large sized bariatric bedpan, to GYN products and UV room disinfection.

One of our early products was a unique, large sized bariatric bedpan; which we sell as the Universal Bedpan. Though originally designed specifically for large and bariatric patients, over time nurses began using the Universal Bedpan on patients of all sizes that had limited, or no, mobility. Nurses often cite the benefits of more comfortable toileting for the patient, improving staff hygiene, maintaining healthy skin, eliminating patient lifting, and there are no spills or leaks.

Patient safety and comfort drove the innovation and design of our WEDGIE Pelvic Exam Wedge; a simple, easy and fast way to perform pelvic exams without the need for a specialty GYN stretcher.

Expanding on our priority of safety and comfort we focused on treatment recliners so that patients could have the optimum level of comfort while staff could increase productivity and efficiency. We have helped introduce unique recliner features such as power, heat and massage, over-lap pivot tables, and a USB port.

TSK Products continues to prioritize safety and comfort in every product we offer and every opportunity we encounter. Please call us to request information or a demo; or to discuss how we can customize our products for you.

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