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Nurses and Engineers


TSK Products started as a firm trying out new ideas.  The president, TaeSusan Klein, RN, besides being very intense and inventive, also had a head for business.  She and Michael Klein started TSK Products in an effort to eliminate back injuries to nurses when caring for large patients. Sue is involved with breast cancer patients every day in an active practice. Additionally, both Sue and Mike have volunteered at Mary's Place, a respite for women being treated for cancer.


Safe Patient Handling led to several products that TSK Products contiues to manufacture, plus gave us the reason to maximize on some engineering experience.


Eric Klein joined up with Michael and Sue, adding a desire to provide a clean environment for patients and staff.  After years as an environmental engineer with exposure to a wide variety of industries, the challenge of disinfecting an environment as complex as a hospital with all its moving parts seemed worthwhile.  Adding UV-C and process analysis were key to starting to solve that problem.