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Patient Seating

TSK Products brings over 22 years of recliner experience to the Dialysis Clinic and Patient Seating. Our focus on Safety and Comfort in clinical environments has led us to Fresenius Medical Care Seating's T688 Dialysis Chair. The main safety feature of the T688 is the height adjustable column which lifts the patient to proper and safe working height needed by the nurse or tech.


TSK Products recommends the T688 because:

  • Height adjustable hands-free or with the nurse pendant saves backs

  • The patient’s pendant allows them to independently adjust their leg height and their back recline

  • Each upholstered part is individually replaceable

  • 3 heavy duty actuators control all movement

  • Eliminate the time and money spent replacing recliner mechanisms due to it wearing down, bending, or deflecting

  • Seat and back pop off the frame to clean the entire chair easily

  • 440 lbs. patient weight capacity should capture almost all patients in your population

  • Annual inspection performed remotely with built-in connectivity

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Please click here to schedule a virtual demo the chair on Teams or Zoom



"Michael Klein at TSK Products ask me to reach out to you to offer my opinion on the Adeen [T688] Recliner. I can honestly say that this is an incredible chair. Both the staff and our patients love them. Super easy to use and very comfortable.


Before I relocated to Texas I was in Raleigh NC. Michael let us have a chair for a few weeks and I invited staff and patients from several of our clinics provide feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We began ordering these chairs for our clinics and have had zero issues with them."

Rich Carson

Area Technical Operations Manager

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