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Operationally Necessary Equipment

TSK Products looks for cost savings that provide operational excellence. With today's daily changes to the business environment, our challenge is to provide equipment to preserve and protect our customers' resources through careful equipment selection which can be deployed effectively through changes in treatment regimens, scheduling challenges, and medical demands. When possible we will look to supply ONE piece of equipment that services to increase facility flexibility and adaptability.


For a discussion how that looks in chemotherapy or infusion services, click here.


TSK Products relies on Powered Recliners to provide the best Safety and Comfort because:

  • Dignity and independence is restored when the recliner is controlled by the patient;

  • The patient can control their own comfort through recline positioning;

  • Powered recliners eliminate patient lifting;

Other features that affect Safety and Comfort:​

  • Swing out arms eliminate lifting, reducing lower back strains;

  • Overlap tables provide a perfect surface for a pleasant food break or an entertainment on a tablet;

  • A USB charging port keeps that tablet running throughout treatment;

  • Anti-microbial fabric with silver woven into the fibers helps kill germs in high touch areas.

UV Disinfection

Applying standard engineering guidelines, TSK Products provides Infection Control safely:

  • The product must be reliable;

  • It must be affordable so it can be deployed everywhere it's needed;

  • It must be powerful enough to kill microbes in the most restrictive production cycle;

  • It should be fixed and not mobile, where possible

Permanently mounting a device in an area that is continually at risk of contamination (i.e., bathrooms) solved that problem.  The Asept.1 Max was programmed so that it delivered a dose of UV-C that could kill germs even if they were regularly deposited by patients by lighting safely an area after each use.