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Hips Dont Lie


TSK Products began business as a supplier of hard-to-find products in the bariatric field.  The common needs of our customers were for the safety of their patients AND staff and to provide some semblance of comfort.


Over the years, we have tried to drive comfort into any product that touches the patient.  The Universal Bedpan, orginally our bariatric bedpan, was meant to reduce the discomfort of in-bed toileting of larger patients.  As time went on, some of our customers standardized and the Universal Bedpan for not only obese patients, but also spinal, total joint, etc; wherever a patient experienced reduced mobility.


We applied the same thinking to the WEDGIE for pelvic exams made more uncomfortable in the ER because the default exam surface was an upside down bedpan.


Creating No-Lift environments in hospital for safety led us to improving the comfort of treatment recliners so that patients, after a 4 - 5 hour treatment won't feel exhausted from holding poor posture in as chair for so long.


TSK Products continues to push for safety and comfort in every product and every opportunity we encounter.  We promise to never stop.