TSK Products works with manufacturers to bring features to treatment recliners that add comfort and safety to our products:

  • Asking for help to recline or return to sitting can be humiliating for the patient and time consuming for staff nurses. With a hand pendant, the patient can control their own movement and positioning.

  • Staff can focus on the value-added work they are responsible for and have time to with the patient to do activities other than manual lifting.

  • Swing out arms eliminate lifting, reducing lower back strains.

  • Overlap tables provide a surface for snacks or iPads.

  • Anti-microbial fabric with silver woven into the fibers helps kill germs in high touch areas. 

TSK Products has helped hospitals and clinics around the country acquire the perfect recliner for specific applications. 

Adding MRSA fighting Silvertex fabric or stow away over lap tables, we have worked with customers and clients to design the best product for space or budget constraint.

How To Help Your Patients

Heat + Massage

When your patient is feeling chilled, tired or sore she can press the heat and massage buttons which are easily reached on the recliner’s side table. Low, medium and high levels provide varying levels of warmth for relief from feeling chilled to feeling cold. This reduces the need to continually reheat warming blankets and greatly enhances her personal comfort.

Position Adjustment

Sitting in a recliner for hours can be tiresome and draining. Patients need to adjust their recliner position often to remain comfortable, yet they don’t want to rely on their nurse every time they want to make a change. By using a simple, hand-held power pendant your patient can adjust the recliner in infinite positions by herself, whenever she needs to. There’s no need for her to ask a nurse for help. This enhances your patient’s sense of empowerment and control.



Almost all patients are connected online for work or pleasure while getting their treatment. It’s a wonderful way to help them to remain relaxed and focused. Often the challenge is to stay connected before the battery on their device runs out. A USB port now located directly on the side of the treatment recliner eliminates the need to run a long power cord to a wall outlet. Your patient plugs into the recliner’s USB port and can now use her device for as long as she wants, whenever she wants, without ever losing power. This greatly enhances her sense of personal control.

Additional Features

There are a number of optional features that will help create the right micro-climate for you patient. They include swing-away side arms, lumbar and head support sections, an overlap table, soft urethane arm caps, a pull-out foot tray, Trendelenburg, MRSA fighting vinyl fabric, and patient weight capacities of 300 and 500 lbs.

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