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Powered Recliner Returns Dignity to Patients


Asking for help to recline or return to sitting can be humiliating for the patient and time consuming for staff nurses. With a hand pendant, the patient can control their own movement and positioning.


TSK Products works with manufacturers to bring features to treatment recliners that add comfort and safety to our products:

  • Power recline allows the patient the freedom of movement and positioning with control over how much and when to recline their treatment recliner.

  • Staff can focus on the value-added work they are responsible for and have time to with the patient to do activities other than manual lifting

  • Swing out arms eliminate lifting, reducing lower back strains

  • Overlap tables provide a surface for snacks or iPads

  • Anti-microbial fabric with silver woven into the fibers helps kill germs in high touch areas


TSK Products has helped hospitals and clinics around the country acquire the perfect recliner for specific applications.


Adding MRSA fighting Silvertex fabric or stow away over lap tables, we have worked with customers and clients to design the best product for space or budget constraints