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Eliminate Backaches and Bottlenecks

Both the PowerPort S4Tilt and the lay flat PowerPort models allow the nurse to flush a port without bending and extending her body into positions that are ergonomically unhealthy. Using the power foot pedal to adjust height and recline, both of the nurse's hands are free to quickly perform her duties, while easily positioning the patient to the exact angle to access the port.


Adding height adjustment and infinite recline angles will increase the efficiency of blood draw and port flushing, eliminating the bottleneck and allowing patients to start chemo on time.


TSK Products added the PowerPort S4Tilt to our infusion solutions by listening to the demand of the customer for patient comfort with the footrest. The footrest provided the patient with a heightened sense of security when placed in the reclined position. We also heard from nurses that an articulating headrest gives their taller patients additional comfort as they are lowered and the port is accessed for an extended period of time.