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Aseptix 2

Aseptix 2

UVC Germicidal Energy is effective at penetrating the cellular membrane of the microorganism causing irreparable damage to the DNAresulting in the destruction or sterilization of the microorganism. Conventional mobile / room UV sterilization systems are effective but require multiple positioning within a room to lessen the chances of “shadow area” that block the sterilizing ability of the UVC light. In doing so, time and resources are spent moving the system around the room and in some cases preparing the room for additional treatments. The Sanuvox Aseptix Mobile UV Sterilization System utilizes a Primary & Secondary unit that communicate wirelessly to each other in sterilizing a conventional patient room in under 15 minutes. No other medical UV sterilization system has the ability to treat a patient or operating room as efficiently and effectively as the Sanuvox Aseptix.

  • Technical Information

    UVC Dosage Delivered @ 5’         797,000 mW-sec/cm2

    Constantly Energized Bulbs         8

    Bulb Length                                        40”

    Bulb Life                                               17,000 hrs.

    Parabolic Mirrors                               8

    Bulb Construction Materal            Crystalline Quartz

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