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Universal Bedpan

Universal Bedpan

Toileting care for large, bariatric patients, or for limited-mobility patients, can be very challenging for any nurse. The days of rolling a patient onto a small, hard, rigid bedpan are quickly ending. We introduced the Universal Bedpan after focusing on the importance of patient comfort and skin care; as well as staff safety and hygiene.

The Universal Bedpan’s unique soft plastic construction is very comfortable for patients to use. The soft, pliable design, along with the large seating platform, eliminates any digging or pinching into the skin. It’s unique tapered edge allows a nurse to gently slide the bedpan under a patient rather than rolling or moving her. The bedpan’s high capacity well holds over 2 quarts of liquid and solid. It’s design helps eliminate spill and splashes. Liquid waste is disposed easily and safely by using the pour spout.

The Universal Bedpan is all about patient comfort and satisfaction and staff safety and hygiene. It is the largest, strongest most comfortable bedpan on the market. 

  • Technical Information

    Fluid Capacity: 2 quarts

    Dimensions, l x w: 15" x 14.5"

    Height, Front: 3" Back: 1.5"

    Material: Co-polymer, polypropylene

    Weight Capacity: 500lbs

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