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STOP flipping bedpans! There’s no need to flip a bedpan over for a pelvic exam and there’s no need to find a stretcher, specialty GYN table, or stirrups. The WEDGIE Pelvic Exam Wedge can be used anywhere, at any time for fast, easy and effective pelvic exams. And, it's made in the USA!


The WEDGIE is quickly and easily slipped under a patient to place her into the proper position for a pelvic exam. The WEDGIE’s 6” height lifts the patient’s pelvis significantly higher, and it is much more comfortable, than using a bedpan. The high density foam construction provides comfort and support for patients weighing up to 250 lbs. The medical grade vinyl fabric is tear, fluid and stain resistant.  The unique cut-out allows for proper manipulation of the speculum to ensure an optimum exam.


The WEDGIE Disposable Covers prevent transmission of germs or infections from one patient to the next and helps keeps the WEDGIE clean. The WEDGIE Wall Holder makes the WEDGIE available in any room so it is always available when ready to perform the exam.


Purchase here:

WEDGIE: Pelvic Exam Wedge - AL-77355 - ALCO Sales & Service Co.


  • Technical Information

    Dimensions: 16" x 17" x 5"

    Angle: 45 Degrees

    Weight Capacity: 250lbs

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