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No Need to Wait for UV Disinfection.

It's on Its Way to You Now

The OhmniClean UV-C disinfection robot makes terminal cleaning to 99.99% a self-driving walk in the park.

Our biggest problem with our past UV-C devices was that they needed to be moved around a room in order to disinfect effectively. The problem was that this involved a huge labor cost and even more time to complete a disinfection task.

That's in the past!

The OhmniClean robot is taught where to go one time and after that knows where to disinfect and for how long.

Problem Solved!

With OhmniClean, UV-C is now accessible to and economical for every department in your facility.

Schedule your virtual demo today here.

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OhmniClean vs. Manual UV emitters

  • OhmniClean disinfects 2-4x faster than manual UV emitters allowing for EvS to cover more rooms in more departments each night

  • OhmniClean has much fewer missed surfaces than manual UV emitters ensuring better compliance with enhanced disinfection requirements

  • OhmniClean requires no repositioning and is lightweight & compact for minimal EVS labor

  • Only autonomous technology can handle large areas like a surgical suite in a single cycle

  • OhmniClean can save ~$96k-$197k for every 25 disinfections/day, over 3 years

OhmniClean is designed, engineered, and manufactured by OhmniLabs in California, USA

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