UltraViolet Excels at Killing Microbes


Working with UV-C in water treatment in the 1980s, TSK Products engineers established rules for future UV-C products: 

  • the product must be reliable

  • it must be priced so it can be deployed everywhere it's needed

  • it must be powerful enough to kill microbes in the most restrictive production cycle (i.e., terminal cleaning)


When we went looking for manufacturers to team with that could bring the kind of product we required to market, we chose Sanuvox.


We started by marketing a mobile unit, which today is known as the Aseptix.2X.  

As hospitals became familiar with UV-C and units started moving around the hospital, making the travel time (inefficiency in the process) disappear became more important is the fight against HAIs.


Permanently mounting a device in an area that is continually at risk of contamination (i.e., bathrooms) solved that problem.  The Asept.1X was programmed so that it delivered a dose of UV-C that could kill germs even if they were regularly deposited by patients by lighting safely an area after each use.


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