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Everyone at TSK Products has done professional work for large corporations before joining together to form our small company. As engineers, we've worked for the Oil and Gas and Chemical industries, as well as engineering consulting companies. As nurses, we've worked at large and small hospitals and are associated with one of the largest breast centers in New Jersey. From this background, we bring a sense of duty to our customers, to value performance over profit, service over sales.


Our shared belief is that Safety and Comfort in hospital and outpatient facilities will help create a better healthcare future, in whatever setting the care is delivered. We are trained to listen to customers, many times meaning to clinicians working directly with patients. This dedication to providing solutions that often times nurses request on behalf of their patients further advances the workplace environment, for both staff and patient.


  • Continuously improve our infusion recliners

  • Make safe, comfortable chemotherapy recliners affordable

  • Provide a valued service for all our medical equipment

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