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  • Why is the Adeen unique in the chemotherapy clinic?
    What makes the Adeen the best piece of equipment is due to the increased flexibility that the chemotherapy department experiences: Interchangeable arms so the recliner can be used for different procedures Height adjustment for port access, exam rooms, and adjustments during infusion Independent motors give the patient choice in reclining angles, give port access nurses ability to reposition the patient's upper body, and allow physicians to complete a full exam, all in one piece of equipment Having the weight capacity of 440 lbs. avoids the ordering of larger recliners
  • How can I change the Adeen from infusion recliner to serve some other function?
    Changing the Adeen's arms allows it to move from one function to another. The Adeen configuration for infusion has swingout arms to make the recliner appear less clinical. Though it can be used in the exam room or in Port Access areas just like that, it can also be configured with simple arms or tablet arms. These arms have less material on the sides.
  • What upgrades/improvements have been made to the Adeen since its initial introduction in 2017?
    Since the 2017 product year model that is presently in the United States, FMC Seating has made the following changes, modifications, and upgrades: FMC Seating has redesigned the arm rest fold-out table. It is now made of stainless steel. The recliner’s base, handle and locking pedals are now all zinc plated before powder coating, making them corrosion resistant as well. The removable upholstery has a new attachment design. We have purchased tooling to make a stronger more user-friendly attachment method, doing away with the white shelf clips. We’ve introduced options for patient comfort, including a USB port for charging personal devices. We offer a “hands-free,” foot controller option for nurses to control recliner height. We have incorporated stainless and zinc plated components to significantly increase corrosion resistance, and we are planning to convert more components to stainless steel in the future. We now use a soft, yet very durable, vinyl material called Carrflex ® Supreme for all upholstery.
  • How do we order recliners?
    TSK Products is the sole supplier of the Adeen in the United States. Please email a Purchase Order to or fax it to (732) 389-9044.
  • Who will In-Service the recliners for our techs, patients, clinical managers?"
    Online training can be arranged on Zoom, Teams, or other video meeting apps. Coming soon, an on-demand In-Service vidoe will be available at
  • What is the process for initiating a service call?
    If service is required, the process will be to call, or email, TSK Products with the recliner’s serial number. The goal of our initial conversation will be to identify the problem and to understand the cause. If an adjustment and solution is found, then the issue will be retired. If parts are required, TSK Products will issue an order to have parts sent either overnight or 2nd day air to the clinic. If a service technician is required, TSK Products will call its contracted national service partner and have a technician on the road (they are located within an hour drive of most metropolitan areas).
  • What is the expected response time for a service call?
    Response time from service request to arrival will depend on the parts required. Our agreement with our national partner is to have a service person respond within 72 hours.
  • How will recliners be delivered?
    All deliveries will be made with a lift gate truck. If you prefer to have a White Glove or Full-Service type delivery, then the carrier will unpack and place the recliners where you instruct them.
  • Can I get heat, massage, or heat plus massage?"
    As of 2019, we can offer the power recliner models with just heat, whereas we used to have to include massage with all heat orders.
  • What size door is required to get the Alo into the clinic?
    If you have a door opening less than 40", open the swing out arms and rotate them 180 degrees, facing back. If the door opening is less than 32", the Alo will not fit through.
  • What if we need a longer cord to reach the wall outlet to power the recliner?
    The Alo comes with an 8' power cord. If required, we can change the length to 12'
  • What is the weight capacity of the WEDGIE?
    There is no actual weight capacity related to the positioning wedge. Higher weight will change the pelvic angle produced as well as where on the WEDGIE the patient sits. Its function is determined by the quality of the transvaginal exam, which in turn is determined by the pelvic position. Whatever postion produces a successful exam is the correct position
  • How do you keep the WEDGIE clean?
    The best way to keep the WEDGIE clean and gicve it its longest life is to use a disposable cover for each use. At rhe very least, cover the WEDGIE with a bluecChuck or bed sheet. For both methods, clean the WEDGIE with the approved hospital disinfectant after every use.
  • Where/how do we store the WEDGIE?
    Generally, WEDGIEs are kept with tghe mobile GYN cast or placed in every room using the wall holder
  • How do I prevent damage to the fold-out pad and bracket on the GynoCart?
    Always store the GynCart with the protectivef vinyl cover. This will keep it clean plus it will protect the fold-out pad and bracket
  • What is the best configuration for the ED?
    We prefer to see an Adeen with simple arms and individually locking casters with one caster steering.
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