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Winning Grants from Your Hospital's Foundation

We continue to be amazed at the generosity of communities shown towards hospitals in terms of financial donations. There are never enough funds, but the efforts of those who collect and distribute money seem to always make a difference to patients.

Winning approval to access those funds for a department is almost always more than just the cherry on top of the service delivered to patients. In the case of recliners where patients sit for day-long treatments, acquiring new recliners has an immediate positive reaction.

We would like to gather the best methods for winning grants or money from hospitals' foundations and share it among nurse managers who often look to that source to upgrade equipment when hospital budgets aren't available. To do that, we have a short form as a first cut. Then, we would love to have a panel of nurses explain lessons learned (successes and failures) record a discussion that other managers can learn from.

Either follow the link or get the link from a QR, both below:

I look forward to hearing your stories and advice and sharing it to managers who might benefit.


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