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Adeen raised with fold-out tables, bi-lateral caster locks, and comfort topper


Please charck out the laterst in Height Adjustable Multi-Funmctional Recliners: Here


Height adjustment can make the difference between good and bad ergonomics. Long treatments like stem cell or LDL apheresis require that equipment maintains Safety (for staff) and Comfort (for the patient).

The Adeen is a powered treatment recliner that adjusts to the proper height of the nurse to enable optimum ergonomics.

The Adeen has easy ingress and egress for patient safety. Comfort during the procedure include independently or simultaneously operated leg and back segments, pelvic tilt to re-adjust pressure points, and padded arms. An optional USB charging port is mounted for personal electronics.

The nurse can adjust the patient's height to her own position or liking. The nurse can drop the patient into Trendelenburg if necessary.

Patient transfer is easy with movable armrests that get out of the way so staff can safely make the transfer without additional aids.


View our video describing the features of the Adeen and testimonials of our performance in cancer centers around the country.

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