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Conceived and perfected for dialysis, the T688 features height adjustment to make treatment ergonomically proper for nursing and techs. The foam construction and arrangement are specifically designed for patient comfort over a 5 - 7 hours treatment. Because a smart phone or entertainment tablet won't last that long, there is an optional USB Charging Port attached conveniently on the side.

  • Technical Information

    Overall Width (w/ Trays)   39.6
    Overall Width (no arms)    27.6
    Overall Length                      39.0
    Seat Height (lowest)           23.3
    Seat Height (highest)         33.1
    Seat Depth                              22.0
    Backrest Width                     20.9
    Backrest Height                    31.5
    Weight Capacity, lbs.          440
    Time to Trendelenburg       15 sec.
    Chair Weight , lbs.                 229

  • Comments

    "I've been saying for years a chair that elevates, so we don't have to bend over the patient to cannulate them would save a lot of backs."

    -- Clinic Manager

  • Virtual Demos

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