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From the Emergency Room to Med/Surg, Safely


Emergency Department - Med/Surg

TSK Products offers unique products that are specifically designed for today’s busy ER Department. These products support our core philosophy of Safety and Comfort in healthcare.

Triage - Fast Track

The Adeen’s  programable, variable height and recline positions, comfortable contoured seat design, steering casters, and 440 lb. weight capacity improves nurse safety and patient comfort. Lateral transfers are easier and patient lifting out of Trendelenburg is eliminated.The Adeen is used for admissions, EKGs, examinations, labs, infusions, hydrations, minor procedures and observation. 


Multi-Purpose Use

The TMM4 Plus is an all-in-one Recliner, Stretcher, Procedure and Transport chair. It is ideal for a busy ER Dept. The TMM4’s small footprint requires half the space of traditional stretchers and is easy to navigate through rooms, hallways, elevators and other close quarters. It’s unique multi-function capability decreases the need for lateral transfers (a staff safety concern), while improving patient throughput. The TMM4’s 500 lb. weight capacity will handle the majority of most ER patient populations.

GYN Exams

The GynoCart converts any ER stretcher into a full GYN exam table for faster pelvic exams. It is equipped with adjustable stirrups, exam light, exam stool, heavy duty casters, and supply shelving. Eliminates bottlenecks when GYN stretchers are occupied and there is an immediate need to do a pelvic exam.


SANE Activities

Our WEDGIE is a lightweight, portable pelvic wedge that can be easily and quickly slipped under a patient to place her/him in the proper position when a pelvic exam is needed to be done immediately. Eliminates flipping over bedpans as a positioning device. The WEDGIE quick, easy and comfortable to use.


The 600 lb capacity Universal Bedpan is designed to facilitate easy, comfortable, and safe toileting for your largest, heaviest patients and for those patients with very limited mobility. It is the largest, strongest and most comfortable bedpan available on the market.

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