Recovery Recliners

TSK Products can configure recovery recliners that provide and ensure Safety and Comfort to our customers and their patients. We concentrate on Powered Recliners because:

  • Nurses can quickly reposition a patient to their satisfaction;

  • Power eliminates the need for nurses to lift patients;

Other features that affect Safety and Comfort:​

  • Swing out arms eliminate lifting by allowing for a safe lateral transfer to and from wheelchairs, etc., reducing lower back strains;

  • If a patient is starting to crash, Trendelenburg can be engaged quickly from the hand pendant;

UV Disinfection in Surgery

TSK Products engineers worked with UV-C disinfection well before it came to healthcare. Our experience plus the challenges of disinfection in an area, continually populated, often with ill people, gave us the product guidelines for providing Infection Control safely:

  • the product must be safe and reliable;

  • it must be priced so it can be deployed everywhere it's needed;

  • it must be powerful enough to kill microbes in the most restrictive production cycle;

  • It should be fixed and not mobile, where possible

Permanently mounting a device in an area that is continually at risk of contamination (i.e., locker rooms, bathrooms, equipment areas, etc.) solved that problem.  The Asept.1 Max was programmed so that it delivered a dose of UV-C that could kill germs even if they were regularly deposited by patients by lighting safely an area after each use.