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Customize recliners for nursing operations

We listen to the nurses working at clinics where we sell. Because they are so concerned that their patients receive great care, we are told in no uncertain terms when our products don't live up to their promise to their patients that "Patients come First." So, though we started as "Safety," we have come to live by "Safety and Comfort" in Healthcare.

Listening brought us to some great innovations, some of which are pictured below.

The hardest request we had to satisfy so far has been to develop an economical recliner that adjusted the patient to the height of the nurse and position the patient for a particular task. We first addressed the situation in Port Flushing. The nurse sees a patient every 10 - 15 minutes as the infusion clinic fills up and the Physicians in the exam rooms start seeing patients. Any recalcitrant port backs up the entire department. Getting the patient to the right height preserved the nurses back muscles and easily adjusting recline to create blood flow were critical. The P/werPort S4Tilt ( was the first truly graceful and successful way to meet their request.

Another tough one was Photopheresis. Champion pulled an old phlebotomy arm design that was added to either side of our favorite infusion recliner of theirs so that the patient's arm would be stabilized during the transfusion.

There are a lot of stories, with some failures in design and many more successes in patient care. The one constant is that we still have our ears open when nurses talk.

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