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One of my favorite people I've never met is Jacqueline Novogratz, leader of Acumen Fund. The development of her philosophy "Patient Capital" is a fantastic story told in her book, "The Blue Sweater."

Her more recent focus on leadership is something that rings true and close to my interests. As a younger sales manager, I initially found Situation Leadership a valuable tool working with salespeople. I then applied it as a chair of a nonprofit for our senior managers, again as an engineering department lead making major changes to a diverse group of professionals, and as a dad, boring family members relentlessly on topics of skills, motivation, relationships, and tasks.

Discussing Moral Leadership without story telling is dangerous. Avoiding those same risks is committed in my family, I only offer up Ms Novogratz's latest, much needed thoughts, ideas, and stories on leadership and it's most vital component, morality. Enjoy.

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