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Safety + Comfort since 2000

First, Do No Harm

Both TSK Products' nurses and engineers have Safety ingrained into everything we do daily and every product we sell. It is core to our values and is evident in our approach to product development and selection. Every recliner we place in healthcare, for instance, will have Trendelenburg, an inexpensive feature that should be in every piece of equipment in every hospital. 


Then, Employ Patients-Centric Design

Having set safety attributes, our next driving force is to strive to make treatment, exams, procedures as comfortable as possible. There may be a very sexy addition to an infusion recliner - say, a USB charging port - that everyone agrees is fantastic. But we also pay attention to the small details, like a soft surface for a bedpan, that mostly goes unnoticed by anyone not sitting on one.

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Meet Adeen

Equipment, Not Furniture
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